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Betty Hula Secret Massage Candle


This is a lovely way to have a massage or to nourish your skin. The candle is made from soybean wax and a blend of the betty Hula best-selling Secret Wonder Oil. It melts at a low temperature, (around 45 C, like a warm bath).

When the wax is warmed and the surface has melted, you simply drizzle a little of the oil onto the skin straight from the easy pour candle jug and massage in. The oil is just nicely warm, not hot, it will not burn as it melts to the perfect temperature for a soothing and pleasurable massage.

The oil is light and silky in texture and absorbs beautifully into the skin, leaving it feeling, hydrated and nourished.

100% pure ingredients that are carefully chosen for their nourishing properties.

Ethically sourced and chemical-free, Betty Hula’s Secret Candle is suitable for all skin types.  With a woody, piney and lemony scent, this candle is a true natural wonder which boosts the skin’s natural moisture barrier to leave skin super-soft.


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